Lately I have read quite a few news stories and fact checks claiming that there are no evidence to support the argument that the Dreamers have taken jobs away Americans. Then often than not, they move on and further claim that, though logically the dreamers should have taken Americans’ jobs, they may actually create jobs. And finally, they argue that there will be unfilled vacancies if these dreamers are deported. 

As any reasonable person will agree that truth can only be obtained by sound logic based on facts, let’s start with facts. While there may be no evidence that dreamers have taken jobs away from Americans, nobody has presented any evidence that they have not taken jobs away from Americans, either. So we’ll assume neither. Then the only thing left to support their argument is that the economy and market are not static or fixed. If this is correct, after dreamers being deported, the job market may shrink a littler, if necessary, because it’s not static. And also, let us not forget many American university-trained foreign students have been waiting in line for many many years to stay here permanently, through legal means, to contribute to the economy. 

Consider this fact check from NPR about the following two points. The economy is doing well at the moment and jobs are plenty for everyone. The other point is that the dreamers are well educated.

Everyone knows that economy is cyclic. While jobs may be a bundle at the moment. What is the plan when recession comes? Will the dreamers and the people arguing for their cause agree to leave when there are not enough jobs for everyone? 

As for the second point of education, the argument claims the dreamers are comparable to the H1-B vias holders. Barring these working for Indian outsourcing companies, H1-B visa holders have at least a master degree and many PhD. Does anyone really believe that an associate degree from a community college or a bachelor degree is just as good? Here of course I assume that these are the degrees most of the dreamers are holding. I am willing to bet that the fact supports the assumption. 

Finally, the dreamers are law breakers, however through no fault of their own. On these other hand, H1-B vias holders are all law-abiding. If the United States really needs well educated young people, a better educated and law-abiding foreign student should give much more preferential treatment than any dreamer on any given day. No?