Since kids are home now and leaving soon for schools, I take a few days off from work so we can spend some time together.

For Thursday, the 9th, we planned to visit Multnomah Falls and to hike a little. Wednesday night, it started raining, on and off. The pattern continued Thursday. We decided to stick to the plan and went after brunch. 

On the way to the parking lots of the falls on the Oregon Historical 30, we were temporarily blocked by a falling tree. Somehow everyone got out of his/her car and in a minute we were on our way again. 

I only had to wait for less than a minute in the nearest parking lot, just across the road from the Multnomah Falls Lodge.

After a brief stay at the falls, we continued on along the trail to the top of the falls and quickly saw this sign. 

The first few switchbacks were long and steep. But as we arose in elevation, the switchbacks became shorter and relatively flatter. The last one actually goes down to the overlook of Multnomah Falls. The overlook was rather disappointing because the falls were not visible. 

As we left the overlook and continued on to Wisendanger Falls, rain started coming down again. After putting on waterproof windbreaker and covering my cameras bag with its poncho, we pushed ahead.

The rain got heavier when we were close to the falls. Luckily a rock overhang provided a shelter which let us catch a break and enjoyed the view.

Wisendanger Falls was much smaller than Multnomah Falls. However, because of the absence of people, it felt much more serene.

We turned around and headed back, saving the rest of the trails for another day. On the way back I snapped a few pictures along the trail, including a chipmunk who refused to give way.

After dinner at the Multnomah Falls Lodge, we made a brief stop at Oneonta Gorge and Horsetail Falls to take pictures.