One morning heard on this radio station with the strongest signal where I live that a dean of Yale University was “hidden away” until the storm calmed down, so I looked it up and found the following news story.

Curious I searched about her background and learned that she grew up in Connecticut and received education at following schools.

On Facebook, someone in a group for Yale alumni made the following comment,

While discussing this with the family, we touched an opinion I held and mentioned in an earlier blog.

I promised to respond to the question later. So what exactly do I mean by racial bias being genetic?

Human started with hunting and gathering for tens of thousands years before turned into cultivating. It’s only a few hundreds of years when majority of human being were “freed” from the land and could survive on individual skills. As a result, human genes are, I believe, still programmed to prefer one’s own kind. Such a preference was a necessity for survival. Interestingly, I stumped on a program from National Geographic Wild on YouTube last night showing a wildebeest calf looking for its mother,  somehow separated from its mother. It was so hungry that it even tried to suck milk from another calf. When it tried to milk from a female wildebeest, she not only headbutted the calf but also gave a chase, with intention to kill the calf I presume. What’s interesting was other adult wildebeests joined in and started chasing, too. Such a behavior from wildebeests has no explanation other than genetic. It’s also well documented that lions kill cubs in order to mate with lionesses to produce their own cubs.

Humans, at the biological level, are no different. What is different for human being is the morality associated with human brains. I further argue that economic freedom is the foundation of morality. Just look at the history of the United States. The Declaration of Independence, the Bills of Rights, and even the Civil War. A fundamental drive was economic. Thomas Jefferson surely knew that “all men are created equal” and slavery were in conflicts. James Madison only concerned himself with limiting the rights of the Federal Government and Abraham Lincoln was more interested in preserving the Union. Without the prosperity of late forties and fifties after the World War II, I don’t believe that the Civil Rights movement would bear any fruits or even take place.

Because of uniqueness of human brains, and because of abundance of food, we have the ability and are able to define the righteousness and distinguish among racial bias, prejudice and outright racism.

It is in this context that I claim racial bias is genetic. Having said that, it is probably better to say racial preference is genetic.