Last year I wrote my experience at the Costco in Fremont. Today I’ll write another experience at Costco again, but in a different town called Wilsonville, located in the state of Oregon. 

Last night I stopped at the Costco to buy some fruits. The girl at the check-out  flipped the bag of clementines back and forth and back again, and asked me if I wanted to get a new bag because there was a bad one in the bag. Somehow she sensed something not right with that bag of clementines and found it. 

As there’s only one and I didn’t want to walk all the way to the back of the store, I said no and told her I’d keep that bag. She apologized profusely as she was finishing up and asked repeatedly if I wanted a box, suggesting that it be easier to carry since I didn’t have a cart. 

What a contrast! Do I need to say anything more?