The moving day was finally here. After meeting a college classmate for dinner Friday, we stayed late and collected all the things I was taking with me. Saturday morning, we went to the Costco in Fremont to fill the gas tank one last time. 

After lunch, we loaded the truck and off I was on my way. Until I-505 near Sacramento, traffic was heavy. I was busy negotiating lanes and thus was unable to see what were by the sides of the road. I believe there were mostly buildings. Further north, I started seeing orchards of various kinds. 

One other interesting observation was that all the roads were named Road, followed by a number like the one in the picture above. From the time I noticed, the numbers went up and came down again as I plowed along. Couldn’t people be more creative? Or were they afraid that drivers were not bored enough looking at orchard after orchard?

Gradually, orchards went away and ranches came. 

Before Siskiyou Mountains, I hit pockets of heavy rains. On the top, there were actually flurries of snow as I started going downhills. But the setting Sun created this view. 

The night was spent in Medford, Oregon. A restaurant called Porters had business cards stacked at the front desk of the hotel. I asked the receptionist if it’s any good, she said yes. The service and friendliness were first class. The food was not so good. 

The Sunday was a shorter drive. Along the road were mostly ranches. There were black cows, yellow cows, brown cows and mixed colors cows. In California, I only saw black cows. Some ranches had sheep and others had horses. I’m not sure why,  unlike the ranches on California side, one could feel presence of humans on this side. One other interesting observation is the fog in this picture.

It bugged the hill below and followed its contour. 

Third state in three years my Oregon life has officially started.