The original plan was to spend the weekend in St Louis but changed to Indianapolis due to the temporary closure of the tram of the Gateway Arch. And the Indianapolis Motor Speedway offered tours. However, I didn’t know until yesterday that there were no tours for the first half of April.

When we got out of the car in the parking lot in front of the Speedway museum, we heard the familiar sound I had heard so many times on TV during Formula One races and saw this scene. 

So we went up and watched some cars going around the track. 

Here’s a video version. 

We were told later that they were conducting tire testing. Here are facts I found interesting. The town where the track is located is called Speedway. In over a hundred years, it has changed owners only twice. A set of tires nowadays last about twenty to thirty two laps. In early days, they used humans to stand in positions to indicate who the leader was. As leading cars changed orders, these people switched positions. 

A side note. While we walked out of the gift shop slowly, my wife and I talked about the things we saw and if we wanted to buy any. When I turned around, I saw an old man wanting to pass us. As I reached and tried to pull my wife aside to give him more space, he said in a raised and agitated voice, “excuse me”, and shaked his unsteady head as he walked by. I was going to say something nasty but decided against it. 

A visit to a racetrack without cars can’t be complete.

Next stop, Indianapolis Museum of Art. A collection of painting and drawing by James Audubon was on permanent exhibition. The floor above was mainly dedicated to Asian arts and artifacts. I liked the following. 

The top floor was for contemporary. Modern arts always give me hope that I may have a few artistic cells in me. I found some interesting pieces to my liking. 

In the greenhouse in the garden we saw some amazing flowers. 

That wraps up the second and touring day of the visit.