Last year this time, Em was still in China and Kimmy came over by herself for her spring break. This time we decided that we would all go to Illinois to meet Em there so that the whole family would be together. 

The BART trains from Fremont to San Francisco stop running at 6pm. I must change trains twice to get to the airport. Here are the two stations where I changed trains, Bay Fair and 16th Street Mission. 

At SFO, we wanted to use The Centurion by American Express but were turned away because they would not sell day passes at the time. We ended up at Yankee Pier, again. This time I had Yankee Mule for drink. 

It must be a slow night as there were not many customers. 

The terminal must be between flights as it’s rather deserted as well until a quarter past eleven. There were many teenagers, either in groups or individuals. And many families. Economy must be really good. Everyone is traveling for spring break. 

I chose an exit row, when checking in, which is really wide. I sat on the edge of the chair and stretched my legs all the way. My feet just touched the back of the front row. However, the seat backs were fixed, probably because the row behind us was also an exit row.

The Sun had not arisen when we landed. But the sky had been lighted. 

As we had to wait for Kim, we wanted to have a decent breakfast. To my surprise, we could not find a single sit-down restaurant walking through entire concourse B and C in O’Hare. Concourse B is kind of narrow so it looked busier than it really was. 

The connector between concourse B and C looked nice. 

The Courier Cafe in downtown Urbana was a wonderful place for lunch. It has quite a history and nice collection of antique. This NCR cash register was built in 1914.

And I was told that this plate was from that era. 

Two hours after lunch we found ourselves strolling along the towpath of Indiana Central Canal

Google Map led us to Meridian. Excellent food and wonderful people.