Lately, the alleged hazing inside the Sayreville high school football team has dominated the local newspapers and TV stations. Currently, police and the county prosecutor office are still investigating. One story claims that even the students being hazed have not come forward to provide information to the investigators. Meanwhile, a lot of parents are complaining about the cancellation of football games for the season, and declare that their children are innocent and being punished by the cancellation.

Here I’m going to borrow Holmes method, logic deduction, to make my argument. Nobody has disputed that something terrible has happened in the Sayreville high school football team. The parents are complaining that their children are innocent. My logic deduction: these parents and their children must know something to make such a judgement!

Parents, in the criminal code there is murder and there is accessory to murder. If you know something or anything about the activities which may result in criminal charges and you are not telling the authorities, that makes you an accessory. So please do not tell us that your children are innocent. I salute Richard Labbe, the superintendent of Sayreville, when he said the following during the cancellation announcement,

“We need all of our student-athletes, all of our students, heck, all students in the state, in this nation, to understand that the one true way to stop bullying is for those bystanders to do the right thing and become up-standers and report to an adult or someone at an authority level of what is going on. They have a moral and ethical responsibility to prevent harm. Emotional harm or physical harm from being performed on another one of their peers by being an up-stander. Standing up, doing the right thing, doing the courageous thing and going to an adult or going to a member of any authority.”