In today’s New York Times, there are a few news stories on Middle East and Afghanistan.

First, the Middle East. One story says that President Obama claims the bombing in Syria is legal. It’s just so pathetic to read that an American president makes such a childish claim. President Obama, people who agree with you do not need any justification for the action; and the people who do not agree with you will hate Americans regardless what you say. So maybe just shut up, think hard, decide what is really in the best interest of American people and do it.

The second story says that the strike draws mixed reactions from Middle East. Why is that even considered news? And what else did the author expect? Is he really so naive to believe that extremists are a minority? I recently listened to a class produced by the Teaching Company talking about great books in which Koran was listed as one of the great books. The instructor said something to the effect that Koran teaches Muslims leave the infidels alone if they do not interfere with Muslim people. Otherwise, a holy war is in order to kill all the infidels. So Mr. Ben Hubbard, extremists are not a minority. Every true Muslim can and will be an extremist in your definition of the word if s/he is nurtured in the right environment. Wise up or continue creating your extremists.

For the US government, please have a long term vision and look beyond tomorrow to figure out what is the best interest of the United States. In the eighties, the US government supported Bin Laden when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and sided with Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war. Both turned around and did everything possible against the US. Well, Bin Laden definitely. Saddam Hussein maybe. Al-Qaeda was a local phenomenon mainly confined in Afghanistan before the Operation Desert Storm and became a global force afterwards. It was the Japanese who bombed the Pearl Harbor and sank USS Arizona, among other US ships. And yet President Obama called the Japanese friends. Are you really that stupid, President Obama?

Finally, Afghanistan, the story says Karzai lashes out at Americans. I don’t know much about this guy other than he was hand-picked by the US government. However, I am absolutely certain that he was never and will never be interested in democracy as we understand the word.